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Behind us is an eventful first year in which there were already many changes. We have been refining our portfolio month by month, designing our store again and again and reorganizing our staff.

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Belle Epoque

For this project, the client requested a Belle Epoque style device. Accordingly, we have furnished the children’s room in the floral style and planned the bathroom equipment appropriately. Thank you for this special and friendly…

Living room design with kitchen design

Here we have put our special attention on the kitchen. In addition to the furnishings of the entire living area, as well as the wall design, we have designed the kitchen according to customer requirements and dimensions. We were able to respond to each individual request through our own manufacturing and designers and have met exactly the taste of our customer. We are happy that we were able to make a customer happy again and thank you again for the friendly and exciting…

Interior and bathroom design

In this project, the customer wanted a classic-chic furnishing. We have taken this into account in the selection of materials and furniture and planned and realized a beautiful total device with a modern bathroom. Thank you for the nice cooperation. We are always happy about satisfied…

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