About us

Hello my dears! Kindly welcome you on our side. We are a young company of interior designers and furniture designers and would like to introduce our new children's furniture collection here. As mothers, we have always been looking for interesting, high-quality and stylish things and furniture for the nursery of our treasures. We were disappointed to find that almost always the same and unfortunately not always really nice, modern products offered. That's why we decided to design our own children's furniture collection and combine it with beautiful accessories from different manufacturers. Before the first draft, we interviewed some children directly and found that all the toys around building blocks are still very popular. As a result, we have set ourselves designs based on such building blocks and have finally come to our practical result, which can be constructed without screws and thus sets your own creativity no limits. The furniture construction here is already a family experience. With the colors we have kept to the favorite colors and themes of the children and set them elegantly by pastel colors.

At the end of November, the first children's room will also be on hand in our store in Düsseldorf. We are very happy to present the live furniture here.
Children are such a precious gift and we love sharing the joy of new life with you and delighting you with our new furniture, as well as the selected products, and ultimately with our special interior design service. We hope you enjoy browsing and look forward to your hopefully soon visit.

Your Y-Furniture team