Custom-made furniture

Sated by the crowd?
Maybe again individually?
Make the vision a reality?
Exactly our thing!


Design, creation and production of: Living room, bedroom and office furniture, tables, chests of drawers, side tables and built-in wardrobes. An important goal of our product development is to provide the furniture with both practical and aesthetic functions.


The dining table plays a big role and is often the focus of the whole family. Our customers have requested a large table that offers plenty of space for friends and at the same time becomes part of the overall ambience. For this house, we have designed a whole furniture line that has been kept in an elegant classic style.



A nursery needs both child-friendly furniture with practical organization systems and plenty of space to play. The main task in the planning of a children’s room is to listen to the children’s wishes and their preference, because here sleep, play and learn our darlings.



What exactly makes a proper cabinet a perfect wardrobe? Maybe it can offer more than just making order. A mirror cabinet makes beautiful things look a bit nicer – or elegantly disappears them.


Material Range:
Solid surface material
Solid wood
Varnishing of all kinds

In the production of custom furniture, we respond to your personal wishes and needs. Thus, we develop together with you your individual dream product. Trust in our years of experience and professional competence.