Interior Design

Loft living

August 2017
In this project, we have set up a loft according to customer requirements in a classic modern style. Wall and lighting design, as well as kitchen and furniture were mainly planned and realized with Italian brands. We thank our customer for the great cooperation and this beautiful project and wish him all the best and much joy in his new facility.


Interior and bathroom design

July 2017
In this project, the customer wanted a classic-chic furnishing. We have taken this into account in the selection of materials and furniture and planned and realized a beautiful total device with a modern bathroom. Thank you for the nice cooperation. We are always happy about satisfied customers.


Living room design with kitchen design

June 2017
Here we have put our special attention on the kitchen. In addition to the furnishings of the entire living area, as well as the wall design, we have designed the kitchen according to customer requirements and dimensions. We were able to respond to each individual request through our own manufacturing and designers and have met exactly the taste of our customer. We are happy that we were able to make a customer happy again and thank you again for the friendly and exciting cooperation.


Country style

May 2016

The country style is always popular with our customers. We have planned and prepared the kitchen in country house style. For this purpose, we have chosen suitable furniture with elegant accents and subtly kept walls and floors in order to obtain a harmonious overall concept. Thank you for the exciting cooperation.


Industrial Style

February 2017
This customer loves abstract facilities. So we used the industrial style in our design of the study and combined a modern-abstract kitchen. Walls and floors were adjusted with small accents, but still very simple. The customer is pleased about his new facility and we are pleased about the successful project. Thank you for the great cooperation.


Belle Epoque

April 2017
For this project, the client requested a Belle Epoque style device. Accordingly, we have furnished the children’s room in the floral style and planned the bathroom equipment appropriately. Thank you for this special and friendly cooperation.


Individual house furniture in the French style

October 2016
At this facility, we decided after some conversations of getting to know the French style. We have planned the luxurious kitchen with a bright and cozy ambience. A stylish dining area has been combined with elegant furnishings. Thank you for this nice project and the nice cooperation.


“Content is quickly forgotten. But the emotional impression of good design remains stable. “
Wolfgang Beinert (graphic designer and typographer)

ThatsY: from the first drawing to the finished furnishing concept.

Break rules or stay within a style? Everything is possible in modern design.
Any indication of an interior project can be anything: whether it is a cut-out interior picture from a trendy magazine, a work of art by a well-known artist or a spontaneously acquired antique piece. Have you already done the beginning and do not know what to do next? We accompany you on an exciting journey into the interior design world and realize together with you all your visions for your dream home.

– Custom-tailored living concepts turnkey
– Detailed advice from our own interior designer at your home for no extra charge
– Assistance / mediation during renovation and remodeling, so that everything fits perfectly
– Complex services from a single source, smart management
– Short delivery times through own production. Let yourself be surprised!
– Special productions without surcharge and delivery delay
– Unique pieces adapted to individual projects at fair prices

We are flexible throughout Germany for any project implementation. Our cooperation with the most famous European furniture and fabric manufacturers allows us a limitless design to respond to your individual needs.