New design

If we discover something exciting for the Y Designstore, it’s here. A new brand, a new furniture, a new talent. Everything we need to tell you about, read on this page.

Not after you, but with you

We do not only offer you our service when you are already done, but much earlier. Involve us early in your planning. We develop living and office concepts, design creative installation solutions and, based on modern display technologies such as CAD and 3D, coordinate everything exactly with you. So that architecture and interior design bear a common signature.

Welcome! LEICHT!

Great inspiration meets big brands.

The kitchen long has become one of the most important rooms in every house. Here you spend time with the family and with guests. Here you just want to feel good. We design and manufacture breathtakingly beautiful kitchen worlds, supplemented with selected products from reputable manufacturers such as LEICHT. For more than 80 years, LEICHT has caused a stir with high-quality kitchens. Each kitchen is brought to life through the skillful interplay of all components, through the virtuosic composition of material, color, architecture and light. We have always been creating fitted kitchens with design and function-oriented product innovations in our own interior design studio. We develop exclusive kitchens that are based on the market and the wishes of our customers. Kitchen lovers can realize themselves with LEICHT kitchens. There are no limits to individual kitchen planning here. Whatever design elements are ultimately chosen, a LEICHT kitchen is the center of domestic life, as the family stays and guests feel completely at ease. With our innovative planning modules and flexible modules kitchens can be developed according to personal ideas.

Attention to detail

In our work as an interior designer, we leave nothing to be desired. In addition to the furniture design and manufacture, we also select the appropriate textiles, such as carpets and curtains suitable for our projects. It adapts colors and finishes to the furniture choices, completing your interior to your complete satisfaction. For each project we work with the best and highest quality manufacturers from different countries, as well as our own production, to produce your own unique pieces and to achieve a perfect overall concept.
Let yourself be inspired. We are looking forward to your visit


Especially in autumn we all want more coziness home.
Dishonored favorite Stool Ella by Versmissen is small but nice. The combination of noble fabrics and modern colors brings more emotions and coziness in every ambience.
In our store you will find this treasure in different colors.

Mix of materials

In the last project we used our newest design. The mix of great materials, unusual surfaces and extravagant fabrics forms a very special overall composition for this room. Let yourself be inspired by the new design possibilities and dare something new. We are happy to help!

Welcome Ditre Italia!

Starting today in Dusseldorf and soon in every trendy household – the beautiful sofas by Ditre Italia.
Let your individual seating develop and give your rooms a very special atmosphere.

Studio Ziben

Studio Ziben is a collection of different ideas. No setup program, no strict guidelines. Full of humor, timeless and refreshing are the pieces of furniture of the Berlin design brand founded in 2009.
The furniture ideas grow above all from personal associations and pictures. Here you will find an old wine box, which has been converted into a side table, a noble highboard, which impresses by the fact that it is cut through in the middle, a reconditioned and colorful painted bar chair, a display case, whose door is a disused old building window. Here you can also have individual projects made and place built-in cupboards, kitchen furniture, coat rack, table, dresser or home decorating projects in order.
Mariusz Malecki has proved more than once that contrasts do not have to be repelled, but can complement each other in their own special way. Recycling plays a big role here. Freedom, free thought and spontaneity unite or oppose functionality, aesthetics and timelessness. Not in search of individuality, but in search of pleasure.


Dear friend,
there are innovations in our Y design store in Düsseldorf – soon we expect a beautiful umbrella collection from Italy. Great patterns on fancy umbrellas to counter the rain with a bit of color.
Give Düsseldorf a great look in the rain.
Come along and let yourself be inspired.
We look forward to seeing you!
Your That’s Y Team

That’s Y. Designer furniture in Düsseldorf

Y-Concept becomes the Y design store.

Behind us is an eventful first year in which there were already many changes. We have been refining our portfolio month by month, designing our store again and again and reorganizing our staff. That’s why we decided to make all these adjustments clear with a new look and a new name.

Y is more dynamic, fresher, cheekier, more flexible, more playful, more unique. After all, something like us does not exist twice in Düsseldorf. Y stands for a mix of classic designs and young design, established and newcomers. Because we care about how good something is. Not who it is.

With thatsY you are led into a world of unconventional and exclusive living and interior environments.

Designer furniture online and in the store
Complete interior
Furnishing advice
Young designers and famous brands in one area
Designer garden furniture and garden design
Small furniture and fabric samples
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The founders of V_LAB were virtually born of love for design and materials. It all began in a warehouse full of antiques – cabinets, beds, tables, chairs, lamps. With this inspiration, the siblings Jolanda and Eddy Versmissen built V_LAB. The designs of V_LAB combine well-known materials with extreme approaches. At the same time, V_LAB is also a breeding ground for ideas on innovative ‘redesign’ and even ‘recycling’. With a team of Dutch and international designers, Eindhoven creates a global design with a personal touch. From now on we will be managing V_LAB permanently in our portfolio.

Christine Kröncke

Every day when we enter our shop, the “Diskus” LED lamp by Christine Kröncke Interior Design enchants us anew. The golden striking metal body, framed by a radiate wreath – who can escape that? Christine Kröncke is one of the most successful interior designers in Germany. She has been selling furniture and accessories under her name since 1998, working together with well-known designers. The “Diskus” lamp is a design from the year 2008, it seems completely timeless on us. They are available in different sizes and also in silver or copper striking metal. Just contact us. Also happy for other products from the diverse portfolio of Christine Kröncke.


Our latest discovery of the “Maison & Object” in Paris! The fantastic wallpapers of YO2, called Yoyo, from Cyprus. We were almost overwhelmed by the inexhaustible ideas and patterns. Behind YO2 is the interior designer Pericles Liatsos. With a team of other interior designers, product designers and 3D specialists, he designs and sells not only wallpapers but also individual carpets and upholstery fabrics all over the world. And now, because of us, also in Düsseldorf.


Roomsafari has been showing for some time that beauty can be good and beauty can be beautiful. The products are designed in Berlin and the materials are purchased as close to the production site as possible. Only as much needed and as little as possible. Subsequently, the Roomsafari designs are produced in the VfJ workshops for people with disabilities in Berlin. The lamps that we have selected for our portfolio not only convince with their outstanding ecological footprint, but also with their high form quality and great flexibility. We just think it’s unique. And it’s a lot of fun to try them here and there and let them work differently.